Liberal radio station lays off 2/3rds of its employee because Amy Goodman won't take pay cut

"(T)he teetering finances of the station and its owner, the nonprofit Pacifica Foundation, became apparent on a Friday afternoon this month with a tearful on-air announcement by Summer Reese, Pacifica’s interim executive director, that the station was laying off 19 of its 29 employees just to cover basic expenses...

."..Among Pacifica’s debts are more than $2 million in broadcast fees owed to Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now!,” the network’s most popular show. To cover Pacifica’s operating costs, the network has drained most of its accounts, hobbling the organization and raising the doomsday scenario in which it would have to sell WBAI’s broadcast license...

"...critics have long said that its top-heavy governance, with large local boards and frequent, expensive elections, have put the organization in a constant state of gridlock, and that unless Pacifica reforms it will simply govern itself to death...

...Ms. Reese said that Ms. Goodman had been unwilling to restructure the debt..."


Virginia Police Benevolence Association endorses E.W. Jackson for Lt. Gov.

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia has received the endorsement of the Virginia Division of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association (PBA).

“I am honored to have the Police Benevolent Association’s endorsement,” said Jackson. “Law enforcement officers have one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. As Lieutenant Governor, I look forward to working with the PBA to ensure these brave officers have the support they need to keep the Commonwealth safe for Virginia’s families and businesses.”

"Earl Jackson's knowledge and experience on issues that are important to law enforcement professionals makes him a deserving recipient of our endorsement. The Virginia Police Benevolent Association is proud to put our support behind Mr. Jackson and ask that the citizens of Virginia do the same. A vote for Earl Jackson is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve," said Virginia PBA President, Joe Woloszyn.

The Virginia Police Benevolent Association represents thousands of full-time or retired employees of the various federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement and correctional agencies in Virginia.

E.W. Jackson served three years and was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA), Summa Cum Laude with a Phi Beta Kappa Key from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Three years later he graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor (JD). While in law school, he also studied theology at Harvard Divinity School and was licensed as a Baptist Minister.

Jackson practiced small business law for 15 years in Boston, and taught Regulatory Law as an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate level at Northeastern University in Boston. Since returning to his ancestral home of Virginia, he has also taught graduate courses in Business and Commercial Law at Strayer University in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. He and his wife, Theodora, remain active in their hometown of Chesapeake.