BREAKING: House cuts off funds to enforce national light bulb ban

In a late-breaking development the House just minutes ago approved a measure cutting off funds to enforce the national light bulb ban that goes into effect next year.

I have been busy monitoring the situation on the House floor as ATP members pressed their congressmen to vote for the bill.

"The House on Friday voted to withhold funding to enforce part of a 2007 law that increases efficiency standards for light bulbs," The New York Times reports just minutes ago.

This is not a final victory on this issue.  Only the funds have been cut off and the measure still must be approved by the Senate.  The law creating a virtual ban on incandescent bulbs still exists.

But it's a start.

Thank you for all who called all this week and donated.  This amendment was approved by a voice vote.  Opponents of consumer choice did not want their constituents to know of theri radical position on this issue, so Congressman Joe Barton's bill on Tuesday exposed them by forcing them to take a recorded vote.

You made this victory possible.

But the fight is just starting.  We must get this through the Senate, where unlike the House opponents of consumer freedom control the chamber.

We must fight just to get a vote on this.  And then we must fight again to get the 2007 law repealed entirely.

So please take a moment to go here and chip in $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $500 to help win ATP's fight to repeal the light bulb ban.

Donald Ferguson
Executive Director
American Tradition Partnership

Go here to chip in $10, or whatever you wish, to help me cut off funds to, and entirely repeal, the freedom-killing light bulb ban.