Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part VII: The media's beginning to turn on them. A little.

Liberals may think it's fun to threaten to rape camera operators and hit Fox News' Mike Tobin and threaten to break his neck on live national television, but it's turning the media against them. Reporters are professionals and they tend not to tolerate attacks on their colleagues.

Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part VI: Liberal strikes down 5'1" girl

One of the older videos of Wisconsin protesters attacking people for expressing a differing point of view, but also one of the more disturbing.

A large liberal in a CWA shirt puts a fist into the face of Tabitha Hale, who obviously was very threatening at 20 years old, towering over him at 5'1" and armed with a deadly flip cam.

He probably lost points with other liberals for forgetting to threaten to rape her, as an increasing number of Wisconsin protesters are now doing.

Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part V: Liberals assault reporter on national TV

Liberal hits reporter Mike Tobin as he reports live on national television. Over the din of enraged liberals chanting "FOX NEWS LIES!!!!!" you can faintly hear organizers plead with protesters to "stay peaceful" as they hit Tobin and try to forcibly shut down the broadcast.

Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part IV: Liberal threatens to break reporter's neck on national TV

During the debate over health care, do you remember seeing four to five new videos a day of Tea Partiers attacking reporters or threatening to break their necks or rape them, or of Tea Partiers punching, slapping and threatening to rape women?

If this is what liberals do when cameras are pointed at them, imagine what they do to people with different political views when there's no prosecutable evidence.

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the vote counts

The annual TV news report on a proud Texas tradition, state legislators running from desk to desk of absentee lawmakers so they cast multiple floor votes.

You'd think one smart one would get a long stick so he can hit even more desks.

Report: Texas QB scores near-perfect on Wonderlic

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting Univ. of Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy, a product of Southlake Carroll High School, racked up a near-perfect score on the NFL Combine's Wonderlic test.

The Star-Telegram reports McElroy scored 48 out of a possible 50. That would be one of the best scores in 35 years since former Cincinnati Bengals punter and Harvard graduate Pat McInally became the only player to ever score 50 in 1975.

Of course, had McElroy played in an option system like Georgia Tech or a service academy, he would have developed the additional super-awareness to pick up those final two points.

Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part III: Dem to GOP woman, "You are f-----g dead!"

Democrat Wisconsin State Rep. Gordon Hintz, already famous for a deranged rant on the House floor and his arrest on prostitution charges, decided to turn the crazy to 11 last Friday after the House voted to approve the Budget Repair Bill.

Unable to stop the majority vote, Democrat lawmakers ran around the House floor wearing t-shirts provided by their union bankrollers, pumping their fists at Republicans and urging the protesters in the gallery to try and shut down the proceedings with stamping and screaming.

That's when Hintz turned to Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens and screamed, "You are f-----g dead!"

Hintz's screaming taunt of a woman comes a month after he was picked up by Appleton, Wisc. police for asking a female massage parlor employee to sexually pleasure him for money.

It also comes after a week of videotaped assaults on citizens and threats of rape, gang rape and sodomy of women and reporters by liberals backing efforts to organize Wisconsin's government against its citizens.

After lecturing the nation on civility and urging people to tone things down, doesn't Obama have a responsibility to tell his supporters and the union bosses who bankroll him to stop hitting, slapping, punching out and threatening to kill and rape those with different opinions, especially women?

Citizens prefer government shutdown, and recognize Democrat efforts to bungle budget

A lot has changed between 2011 and 1995, most notably the fact the average citizen's access to national political information isn't controlled by just two left-of-center newspapers and four left-of-center broadcast and cable networks.

The "democratization" of information means the average citizen in 2011 is far better informed than the citizen of 1995, and the difference is showing as Democrat efforts to force a goverment shutdown look as though they'll backfire.

* Fifty-nine percent of unaffiliated likely voters, and fifty-eight percent of all likely voters, would rather the government shut down than Congress authorize a budget extension that doesn't cut spending (Rasmussen, Feb. 28, 2001.)

* By a six-point margin, likely voters are also more likely to blame Democrats than Republicans should the government shut down (The Hill, Feb. 28, 2001.) That's likely because House Republicans worked extra-long days, often until the early morning hours, to get a budget resolution over to the Democrat-controlled Senate, which decided to go on vacation and skip town.

What about those polls showing support for big spending? Look at the sample. Networks and liberal special interests often commission polls of "registered voters" and "adults" to skew the sample. Polls of "registered voters" dilute the voting public by throwing in people who got a voter registration card at the DMV and don't care enough to show up to vote, while polls of "adults" dilute it even further by watering down the sample with mass numbers of people who are so politically unaware they didn't even bother to register.

It doesn't speak well of the left-of-center point of view when the only way to get a poll result that backs your opinion is to poll people who have no idea what Congress or a budget are.

Elections are decided by those who turn out and vote, and poll after poll show Americans want spending drastically reduced, and they recognize the fact Democrats are now resorting to hiding out like fugitives and sabotaging budget negotiations to protect the silk pockets and plush bank accounts of the union bosses who control them.

Why Wisconsin matters

And why government shouldn't be allowed to organize against its own people.

The village of Palatine, Illinois has just 67,000 people and over 400 municipal government employees. But the number of those village employees making over $100,000.00 a year more than doubled between 2009 and 2010, from 43 to 88.

Not only are 20 percent making over $100,000.00 a year in a village where the average income for an entire household is $63,321, the average government employee making six figures saw his wages skyrocket 14.85 percent. The average American gets what averages out to just 0.15 percent each year over the last 20 years.