Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part III: Dem to GOP woman, "You are f-----g dead!"

Democrat Wisconsin State Rep. Gordon Hintz, already famous for a deranged rant on the House floor and his arrest on prostitution charges, decided to turn the crazy to 11 last Friday after the House voted to approve the Budget Repair Bill.

Unable to stop the majority vote, Democrat lawmakers ran around the House floor wearing t-shirts provided by their union bankrollers, pumping their fists at Republicans and urging the protesters in the gallery to try and shut down the proceedings with stamping and screaming.

That's when Hintz turned to Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens and screamed, "You are f-----g dead!"

Hintz's screaming taunt of a woman comes a month after he was picked up by Appleton, Wisc. police for asking a female massage parlor employee to sexually pleasure him for money.

It also comes after a week of videotaped assaults on citizens and threats of rape, gang rape and sodomy of women and reporters by liberals backing efforts to organize Wisconsin's government against its citizens.

After lecturing the nation on civility and urging people to tone things down, doesn't Obama have a responsibility to tell his supporters and the union bosses who bankroll him to stop hitting, slapping, punching out and threatening to kill and rape those with different opinions, especially women?

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