No Party For Old Moderates

The next time you hear a Democrat bleating there's no room for moderates in the Republican Party, remind them of this -- the Democrat Leadership Council, the centrist Democrat organization that launched Bill Clinton into the White House, has been killed off by Democrats for not being sufficiently leftist.

"The Democratic Leadership Council, the iconic centrist organization of the Clinton years, is out of money and could close its doors as soon as next week, a person familiar with the plans said Monday," Ben Smith of POLITICO reports this morning.

"The DLC, a network of Democratic elected officials and policy intellectuals had long been fading from its mid-'90s political relevance, tarred by the left as a symbol of 'triangulation' at a moment when there's little appetite for intra-party warfare on the center-right," Smith reports.

Not only are moderates not welcome in the Democrat Party, they can't even get together without being pursued with pitchforks and torches.