ATP offers debate reaction on Obama's failed $90 billion Green Giveaways

American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson released the following statement Wednesday night after the first Presidential Debate:

Tonight's Americans learned more about Obama's disastrous $90 billion tax giveaway to failing wind and solar experiment -- a taxpayer-backed giveaway to corporate lobbyists that has destroyed tens of thousands of jobs.

Whether it's bailing out his campaign financiers in California with a half-billion Solyndra program or his failed loans to Fisker, Beacon Power, Ener1 or other doomed experiment, so-called "green" energy is nothing more than a scheme to funnel taxpayer money into the pockets of rich people with good lobbyists.

Meanwhile Obama is cutting off access to job-providing oil and gas on federal lands and offshore, blocking the Keystone pipeline and sending his EPA goons after safe, clean fracking.

We even have to export our coal to power China's growing economy because Obama's EPA is blocking its use here and shutting down power plants.

Americans deserve good jobs and affordable, reliable energy.  Taxpayer-subsidized wind and solar experiments fail that test, and whomever wins should cut off all taxpayer funding to wind and solar welfare programs.

ATP legal victory means no limits on Montana political contributions!

HELENA, MT -- American Tradition Partnership won another victory for free speech Wednesday when U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell ruled in favor of the group and other plaintiffs, tossing out Montana’s political contribution limits as unconstitutionally low.

There are now no limits on contributions to state political candidates by individuals, party committees and PACs.

“The old contributions limits were so low candidates had no choice but to grovel before special interests to get elected,” said ATP Montana Director Doug Lair. “When you a candidate can only raise $160 at a time, it guarantees newspapers and union bosses will control elections. Now individual citizens can speak freely without limits or fear of prosecution.”

“The First Amendment is clear. The political establishment can’t tell citizens to shut up because they’ve reached their speech limit,” said Lair. “Low contribution limits make it virtually impossible for a citizen candidate to defeat an entrenched incumbent, which is why politicians love contribution limits. When Congress established contribution limits to federal candidates in 1974, the rate of incumbents losing re-election was cut in half.”

“Judge Lovell stood up for the people of Montana and allowed them to speak without limits slapped on them by corrupt politicians.”

The suit by ATP overturned:

Montana’s individual contribution limit to candidates of $630 to the gubernatorial ticket, $310 to candidates for statewide office and $160 for candidates to other office

Limits on contributions to candidates by political party committees of $22,600 to the gubernatorial ticket, $8,150 to candidates for statewide office, $3,260 to candidates for Public Service Commission, $1,300 to candidates for State Senate and $800 to candidates for other offices.

Limits on contributions to candidates by political action committees of $630 to the gubernatorial ticket, $310 to candidates for statewide office and $160 for candidates to other office.

The case was Lair v. Murray, CV 12-12-H-CCL.

White House representative: The Jews did 9/11

"President Obama’s representatives to an ongoing international human rights meeting in Poland include on man who suspects Israel of playing a role in the September 11 terrorist attacks," The Washington Examiner's Joel Gehrke reports.

"Salam Al-Marayati, head of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, called for the United States to investigate Israel for a possible hand in bringing down the World Trade Center towers," reports Gerhke.

”If we’re going to look at suspects, we should look to the groups that benefit the most from these kinds of incidents, and I think we should put the state of Israel on the suspect list because I think this diverts attention from what’s happening in the Palestinian territories so that they can go on with their aggression and occupation and apartheid policies,” The New York Times quotes Marayati as saying in October 2001.

Obama's hand-picked human rights representative also praised the 1983 Beirut bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks that killed 241 Marines, saying it was "the kind of attack that Americans might have lauded had it been directed against Washington’s enemies."

Read the report here.