ATP offers debate reaction on Obama's failed $90 billion Green Giveaways

American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson released the following statement Wednesday night after the first Presidential Debate:

Tonight's Americans learned more about Obama's disastrous $90 billion tax giveaway to failing wind and solar experiment -- a taxpayer-backed giveaway to corporate lobbyists that has destroyed tens of thousands of jobs.

Whether it's bailing out his campaign financiers in California with a half-billion Solyndra program or his failed loans to Fisker, Beacon Power, Ener1 or other doomed experiment, so-called "green" energy is nothing more than a scheme to funnel taxpayer money into the pockets of rich people with good lobbyists.

Meanwhile Obama is cutting off access to job-providing oil and gas on federal lands and offshore, blocking the Keystone pipeline and sending his EPA goons after safe, clean fracking.

We even have to export our coal to power China's growing economy because Obama's EPA is blocking its use here and shutting down power plants.

Americans deserve good jobs and affordable, reliable energy.  Taxpayer-subsidized wind and solar experiments fail that test, and whomever wins should cut off all taxpayer funding to wind and solar welfare programs.

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