Help Congressman Steve Stockman Audit The Fed!

Dear Patriot,

      Will you help me tear the mask off the secretive Federal Reserve?
      I’m Congressman Steve Stockman.
      I’m a former member of the House Banking Committee.
      I am a constitutional conservative warrior.
      And this is your chance to help me bring transparency to the out-of-control Federal Reserve.

      You see, your savings, retirement and family budget are in danger.
      The Federal Reserve, a secretive organization, manipulates our national money supply with no oversight or transparency.

      If you’re not angry about that, you should be.

      By simply inventing money out of thin air they spawn out-of-control inflation. 
      That devalues family paychecks and drives businesses into bankruptcy – driving up demand for government entitlements.

      The damage is real.
      Since it was spawned in 1913, the Fed’s iron grip over money and credit has devalued every dollar in your paycheck by a crushing 95 percent.
      And government tells us we have no right to know exactly how or why the Federal Reserve establishes the value of our money
      Unlike virtually every federal agency, the General Accounting Office is not allowed to look at their books and see where they are cooking up numbers.
      In fact, no one is allowed to.
      That’s why Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and other conservative leaders are supporting H.R. 1207, “The Federal Reserve Transparency Act,” known as “Audit The Fed.”
      Audit The Fed would hand the Fed’s books over to the Government Accounting Office.

      But we will need to introduce it again in the next Congress.

      That is why I am seeking a return to Congress.

      But my election is just days away and supporters of the Fed are ganging up on me.

      I need you go to here right now to chip in $10 or more to help me defeat Fed defenders and push Audit The Fed.

      There is no time to waste.  Please respond right now.

      Please send whatever you feel you can afford.
      Not only is Audit The Fed common sense, it may be the only way to stop the out-of-control Fed from devaluing our dollar and causing further economic crisis.
      If you or I operated like the Fed, and refused to report where our money came from, we’d be locked up.
      Barack Obama is already abusing power to fire CEO whose business practices he doesn’t approve of.
      But the Fed gets to conjure up $1 trillion out of thin air, causing painful inflation, and no one has a right to even look at their books?
      We can fight back. 
      We can pass Audit The Fed.
      That’s why I need you to go here right now to chip in $10 or more.
      We can pass Audit The Fed, but only if we elect fearless constitutional conservatives.
      That’s why, as a former member of the House Banking Committee, I am seeking to return to Washington.  We must tear the mask off the Fed!
      Time is running out. 
      Please act fast to tear the mask off the Federal Reserve and expose those who are devaluing our money and threatening our economy.
      Please go here to chip in $10 or more today.

      In Liberty,
      Congressman Steve Stockman
      Constitutional Conservative
P.S.    The Federal Reserve’s unchecked power to create money out of thin air has devalued your dollar by 95 percent.  Now it’s threatening our entire economic system – and no one has the right to even inspect their books.
That’s why, as a former member of the House Banking Committee, I am seeking to return to Washington.  We must tear the mask off the Fed!

My election is just days away and allies of the Fed are ganging up on me.  Go there to chip in $10 or more to help me hold the Fed accountable.

Ted Nugent rocks the vote for Congressman Steve Stockman

Second Amendment advocate and rock legend Ted Nugent voiced his support for conservative Republican Congressman Steve Stockman’s re-election to Congress.

“Hey patriots.  This is Ted Nugent celebrating the Second Amendment and freedom and the American, Texas way every day of my life.  Congressman Steve Stockman is an upgrade that America needs desperately.  Texas should lead the way with my buddy Congressman Stockman,” the always-entertaining Nugent said, imploring his fellow Texans to support Stockman.

Tired of high taxes and seeking freedom, Nugent moved from Michigan to his ranch in China Spring, Texas.

“Ted’s certainly more colorful than I am, but I’m proud to have Ted Nugent’s support,” said Stockman. “I’m the only proven conservative and the most conservative congressman in Texas.  I’ll do to the Obama agenda what Ted does to a whitetail – I’ll drop it where it stands and then gut it.”

Nugent also promoted a Right to Keep and Bear Arms BBQ in Bridge City for Congressman Stockman that turned out a steady crowd to enjoy good food and conservative principles.

Congressman Stockman is the only candidate for Congress in the 36th District endorsed by pro-gun
groups, endorsed by Gun Owners of America.  The 36th District covers all of Chambers, Liberty, Hardin, Orange, Newton, Jasper, Tyler and Polk County, and the southeastern portion of Harris County including Baytown, Pasadena and the Johnson Space Center.

Congressman Steve Stockman endorsed for re-election by border control advocate Congressman Tom Tancredo

WEBSTER – Border control advocate and former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo has enthusiastically endorsed Congressman Steve Stockman’s bid to return to Capitol Hill.

“On the important issues of immigration lowering taxes, returning to constitutional spending levels, maintaining a strong national defense, restoring the right to keep and bear arms and ending abortion, Congressman Stockman is the only proven conservative in the race,” said Tancredo.

“On May 29th, conservative Republicans are voting to return Congressman Steve Stockman to Congress. I urge you to join them,” said Tancredo.

Stockman and Tancredo share similar views on the importance of effective border-control.

“The GOP establishment feels that a push for effective border-control might hurt us with the fast-growing Hispanic vote,” says Steve. “But who gets hurt the most when out-of-control illegal immigration from all over the world keeps American hourly wages artificially low? Our hard-working Spanish-speaking families, that’s who. They’re ambitious and want to improve their situation economically. Why should they always have to compete with illegal newcomers who will continually undercut their hard-earned wages?”

Stockman is running for election to Congress in the May 29th Republican primary for the brand-new 36th Congressional District. Congressman Stockman previously much of the new district, including fast-growing Chambers County and the NASA area.

In addition to Tancredo, Stockman’s growing list of such endorsers includes gun owners, right-to-life groups and other conservative organizations.

The 36th District covers all of Polk, Tyler, Jasper Newton, Liberty, Hardin, Orange and Chambers Counties, along with southeast Harris County including Baytown, the Port of Houston and the Johnson Space Center.

Congressman Steve Stockman targeted by gun grabbers!

A little over fifteen years ago, as a United States Congressman, I was the gun-grabbers’ most hated man in America.
Today, it looks like nothing has changed.

You see, I’m running to return to Congress in Texas’ newly-created 36th District. And the gun control crowd is once again going all-out to defeat me — just like they did when I was Handgun Control, Inc.’s number-one national target for defeat in 1996.

That’s why I’m counting on the help of Second Amendment supporters just like  you from all over the country to take on the gun-grabbers and get back to Washington, D.C.

I  am getting a boost from Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation, NRA Board Member Ted Nugent, Dudley Brown of the National Association for Gun Rights and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America – the three  of them personally endorse me – but…

…without your help, I’ll be a sitting duck.

But I can promise you, if I’m elected, I’ll pick up exactly where I left off — being anti-gun activist Sarah Brady’s biggest problem in Congress.

The fact is, shortly after being sworn into Congress, I established myself not just as a solid pro-gun vote, but as a national pro-gun hero, introducing legislation to;

***       REPEAL the unconstitutional Brady Bill, which sets up the entire federal infrastructure necessary for full-scale national gun registration;

***      PROTECT gun dealers from anti-gun BATFE militants seeking to use even the most minor paperwork errors as an excuse to SHUT DOWN law-abiding gun store owners;

***      REPEAL Bill Clinton’s so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, which banned an entire class of firearms based upon little more than looking “scary.”

And when leaders of my own Republican Party REFUSED to take action on my bill to repeal the Clinton Ban, I didn’t take no for an answer.

Instead, I introduced legislation to FORCE the Assault Weapons Ban Repeal Bill out of committee and onto the House floor for a vote.

Those actions and others earned me one of the few A+ ratings Gun Owners of America handed out that Congress.

I’m proud of that rating. I’m proud to say my past races been endorsed by Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association, as well.

And I’m proud to say there’s not another Congressional candidate in the country that gets under the gun-grabbers’ skin more than I do.

You see, I don’t believe in backing down when it comes to our gun rights. I believe in taking the FIGHT straight to the gun-grabbers.
Sadly, many politicians love to talk a good game on the campaign trail, but then refuse to lift a finger for our Second Amendment rights once elected.
Sometimes I think they care more about getting a nice article written about them in the New York Times than in taking their oaths of office seriously!

They don’t understand — whether its last year’s Arizona tragedy or the more recent incident in Florida — the national media has one rule they always abide by:

Ignore the facts and blame the guns.

To them, the culprits are never the real criminals. They’re law-abiding gun owners. They’re conservatives.

But when President Obama’s administration has the sheer AUDACITY to illegally funnel thousands of rifles to bloodthirsty drug-running Mexican gangs — just to drum up an “excuse” to crack down on law-abiding American gun owners — he gets
a pass!

Where was the media’s outrage when Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by these Mexican gangs — with a gun BATFE agents virtually placed in their hands?

Do you ever click on the evening news, and wish that just once a pro-gun, pro-Constitution conservative would put anti-gun media pundits in their place?

Do you wish there was a Member of Congress you could count on — not only to vote right EVERY TIME — but also LEAD the fight for restoring our gun rights?

Well, I’m running to represent the good people of Texas – and Second  Amendment supporters all over the country.

If elected to Congress, you can count on me to;

>>>  Reintroduce legislation repealing the Brady Bill, and stand up to members of my own party to force a vote if necessary;

>>> Cut funding for and crack down on the out-of-control BATFE. Our nation is over $15.6 TRILLION in debt. Frankly, I can think of few better places to start cutting spending than the BATFE;

>>> Fight the United Nations’ so-called “Small Arms Treaty,” which is nothing more than a gun control scheme designed to register, ban and confiscate firearms on an international scale;

>>> Defeat any attempt to pass a new so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban and other gun control schemes like higher taxes on ammo or outright bans, “one-gun-a-month” or efforts by the Attorney General Eric Holder to create a national “Cannot Buy” Registry.

So won’t you agree to a generous contribution to my campaign to help me take the fight for our Second Amendment rights to Congress?

As I mentioned, the anti-gun crowd is going all-out to defeat me.

With Texas’ Primary rapidly approaching, I expect the gun-grabbers to empty their pockets to try to sink my campaign.

They don’t care which one of my Republican opponents wins — just so long as it isn’t me.

For the gun-grabbers, this is personal.

They hate the fact I’ve never been afraid to call them out as political opportunists who seek to “cash in” on tragedy to further their outrageous agenda.

So I’m depending on the support of good folks like you to defeat the gun-grabbers and get back to Congress.

Could you go here to chip in $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $100 or even $2500?

Of course, the maximum under federal law is $2,500 or $5,000 per  couple. If you could afford that much, I’d be extremely grateful.

But all I ask is that you please agree to the most generous contribution you can possibly afford.

I’m counting on your help to get back to Congress and continue the fight for the millions of gun owners all across this great nation.

So please go here rush me your most generous contribution of $10 or more TODAY.


Steve Stockman
Republican for Congress

P.S.   The gun-grabbers know if I’m sent back to Congress, I’ll continue where I left off — being anti-gun activist Sarah Brady’s biggest problem.

They’re going all-out to make sure ANYONE but me gets elected to Congress in Texas’ newly-created 36th district.

I’m depending on Second Amendment supporters just like you from all over the country to help me fight back. So please go here to chip in and rush me your most generous contribution of $10 or more IMMEDIATELY!