ObamaCare mandate forces Wash. residents to pay for abortions

"(Washington state) lawmakers passed a bill requiring health insurers covering maternity care to also pay for abortions," the Associated Press reports this morning.

"Supporters said the bill would ensure that existing abortion coverage will be preserved once federal health insurance rules come into effect under the Affordable Care Act in 2014."

That statement is misleading, however.  Health insurers don't print their money, they get it from consumers.

So in reality, the employers and residents of Washington state are now forced to finance abortions.

First it was Obama threatening to shut down the entire federal government if even one penny of Planned Parenthood funding was touched.

Next, it was Planned Parenthood radicals bullying and threatening a women's cancer charity for suspending 0.07% of their billion-dollar empire, going so far to phone in death threats to cancer volunteers.

Now its leftists lawmakers forcing residents to finance abortions, a good chunk of which will find its way into the pockets of leftist lawmakers via the abortion industry's multi-million dollar political finance regime.

If we're learning one thing this year, it's that it's Democrats who are obsessed with social issues and willing to use force and threats to mandate compliance with their narrow (anti) religious views.