Westboro Baptist Democrats

Kerry Picket of The Washington Times reports on the latest tactic by union thugs to use fear and violence to coerce money out of employers, occupying territory outside private homes and harassing the private citizens inside.

THIS is why the Constitution protects your right to anonymous political speech, including contributions.

And THIS is why they want the DISCLOSE Act. The threat of being shot in your driveway by a union thug, which did happen in my hometown, is a serious deterrent to political acts contrary to the liberal establishment.

Rudolph meets Sarah Palin

Government bloat sends DC population over 600K

I love having more neighbors, but this isn't good news. Carol Morello and Dan Keating of The Washington Post report:

Reversing a half-century of decline, the District's population grew more than 5 percent over the decade and sailed past 600,000 residents for the first time in a generation...

...But the District owes its rebound to more than just a national back-to-the-cities movement with young adults and empty nesters gravitating to center cities. The city expanded through a decade in which government grew in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the financial crisis that led to the recession.