Obama: We control your breakfast

Just hours after announcing new government-mandated warning labels on cigarettes, White House officials hinted the federal government will next target breakfast cereals for government control.

“Sebelius did leave open the door to the possibility, perhaps sometime in the future, of some government involvement with the food industry in determining what healthy eating is,” Human Events’ John Gizzi reports.

“I think this [sic] is some space,” the HHS secretary said, “that is going to continue to have a robust conversation, because, again, it has a lot to do with underlying health costs and overall health of our nation.”

Under the Obama proposal, food companies would either “voluntarily agree” to remove sugar, sodium and fats from your food, or federal regulators would outlaw their advertising, the Obama White House's Federal Trade Commission, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture propose.

“The most disturbing aspect of this interagency working group is, after it imposes multibillions of dollars in restrictions on the food industry, there is no evidence of any impact on the scourge of childhood obesity,” said Dan Jaffe, executive vice president of the Association of National Advertisers, according to Human Events.

Control what you eat from Washington, D.C., or criminalize its advertising?

Why not just cut liberals out of our electoral diet?

30 years of $1400 tax hikes needed to fund government pensions. Obama already plundering funds.

Got an extra $1,400 in your pocket?

That’s how much you’ll have to pay in tax hikes every year for the next 30 years to cover the exploding costs of government employee pensions.

The study, co-authored by Joshua Rauh of Northwestern University and Robert Novy-Marx of the University of Rochester, both of whom are finance professors, argues that states will have to cut services or raise taxes to make up funding gaps if promises made to municipal employees are to be honored,” Reuters reports.

The Obama administration has already adopted one plan – raising the pensions of non-union workers and giving their retirement funds to unions that support his campaign.

“The administration gave union employees of auto parts supplier Delphi Corp. preferential treatment over nonunion, salaried employees when the U.S. took over Delphi's pension plan, GOP representatives say,” The Los Angeles Times reports.

"It has now been revealed that Newt Gingrich had a second line of credit at Tiffany’s for up to a million dollars. That sounds like a lot until you remember that Congress has a line of credit with China for up to $14.3 trillion." - Jay Leno

Americans see gap between citizens, politicians. Democrats disagree.

·      “45 percent of likely U.S. voters say the gap between Americans ‘who want to govern themselves’ and ‘politicians who want to rule over them’ is as great now as it was during the American Revolution”
·      “65 percent of Republicans and 47 percent of unaffiliated voters agree”
·      “84 percent of tea party members also agree”
·      “40 percent overall disagree”
·      “56 percent of Democrats disagree with the idea of a gap between citizens and politicians”
- Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted June 9, reported by The Washington Times’ Jennifer Harper.

Obama’s Strategic Reserve ploy a ‘PR stunt,’ doesn’t solve problem

WASHINGTON — American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson released the following statement Thursday:

“The core of the energy problem Obama has created isn’t that there aren’t enough barrels of oil on the market, it’s that Obama actively destroys energy jobs and is still committed to cutting off Americans’ access to energy.  Releasing oil from the Strategic Reserve is just a short-term PR stunt that does nothing to solve the long-term supply problem Obama created.

“One way to stop Obama’s use of regulatory authority to destroy jobs is to pass the REINS Act.  Congress should immediately move to a recorded vote on the REINS Act, which requires any proposed federal regulation with an economic impact greater than $100 million to be approved by a vote of Congress and signed by the president before it can be enacted.

“Real reform that stops the Obama’s regulatory war on prosperity will grow jobs and restore our economy.  Obama’s announcement is just an attempt to sweep under the rug the damage his radical environmentalist agenda is causing without really solving the problem.”

#  #  #

Obama panics. House passes EPA restrictions.

Once again American Tradition Partnership supporters make a difference.

Amid a downpour of phone calls in support of the bill, the House yesterday passed H.R. 2021, the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act. The bill was scheduled for a vote today, but the House voted early.

The final tally was 253-166.  You can see how your congressman voted on the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act here.

As you recall, H.R. 2021 requires the EPA to act on a drilling permit within six months and limits the power of radical environmentalist groups to block permits by filing frivolous appeals.

Barack Obama is openly fighting this bill, and an even tougher fight lies ahead.
The bill now moves to the Senate, where we must find 60 votes to overcome a filibuster by Gang Green politicians.