Obama sends opponents on Easter egg hunt

What do I think about all the blather about Obama's decision to not issue an Easter statement (while still going to church)?

Intentional and politically brilliant on his part.

It stirs up the "Obama is a Muslim" types, whom he will again use to drive a wedge between independent voters and his Republican opponent.

Ten truths you need to know about fracking

"Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun." - Environmentalism "founding father" Dr. Paul Erlich

"We've already had too much economic growth in the United States. Economic growth in rich countries like ours is the disease, not the cure." - Dr. Paul Erlich

"It doesn't matter what is true; it only matters what people believe is true... You are what the media define you to be. [Greenpeace] became a myth and a myth-generating machine." - Environmentalist leader Paul Watson

"[We] have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts we may have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest." - Stanford University environmentalism professor and Obama advisor Dr. Stephen Schneider (Kicked the oxygen habit in 2010)

Gang Green has openly vowed to destroy America’s economy by eradicating affordable energy and return us to “the Stone Age.”

You and I already know that.

Gang Green’s multi-million dollar campaign of lies against the safe, clean 60-year practice if hydraulic fracturing is their newest assault in their campaign to dismantle our economy.

But Peter Glover, writing in the Energy Tribune, has spelled out ten specific facts everyone needs to know about fracking.

I’ll share them with you below, but you can go to the Energy Tribune or http://www.energytribune.com/articles.cfm/7206/Ten-Fracking-Things-Everyone-Should-Know to read it for yourself.

“1. Hydraulic fracking has been around for 60 years. Developments made by U.S. engineers around 2008-9 have simply made the process much more commercially viable.

“2. Since fracking was introduced in 1949, over 2 million frack treatments have been pumped without a single documented case of treatments polluting a water aquifer.

“3. 90 percent of all gas wells drilled in the United States since 1949 have been fracked.

“4. The depth of most shale gas deposits drilled is between 6,000 and 10,000 feet – water aquifers exist at an average depth of 500 feet.

“5. Claims of ‘migration’ between the shale gas layers and water aquifers due to fracking or for any other reason, are patently absurd as the gas would have to pass through millions of tons of impermeable rock. If the rock was that porous, neither the water nor the gas would have been there in the first place. (As the hard data in fig. 1 from a study of 15,000 frac treatments in the Barnett Shale Field reveals plainly.)

“6. Fracture design engineers go to great lengths to avoid fracture growth of even 100 feet to prevent losing production.

“7. The new eco-horror genre flicks like Josh Fox’s Gasland, create impact by making outrageous claims which include suggesting “569 chemicals” are used in a single “toxic cocktail” frack treatment. The reality is that 99.5 percent of the treatment is water and sand. Much of the remainder is made up of a maximum of 12 or so harmless gelling agents, like Guar gum (used in ice cream making), and chemicals commonly used around the house.

“8. Domestic running water faucets being set alight with a match might wow gullible film audiences, but dissolved methane found in well water may well be biogenic (naturally occurring). As the largest component in natural gas, methane is not even regulated as it is not toxic and escapes naturally like soda bubbles.

“9. Hydraulic fracking procedures are heavily regulated and not, as often claimed by eco-activists, exempt from drinking water and other key regulatory laws.

“10. Concerns about using “excessive water resources” in the process are already being assuaged by new developments, including recycling water. And the U.S. Ground Water Protection Council confirms that drilling with compressed air is becoming increasingly common.”

Please share this with everyone you know.

Gang Green is spending millions on fright campaigns, shameless lies and even a fake “documentary”
in their drive to terrorize people into a weaker economy.

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