Shameless union bosses: MLK shot because he was pro-union

Why is it that liberals don't know how to behave around a dead body?  

Their latest display of shameless exploitation of a tragedy?  This video by AFSCME government union bosses implying Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated because he was pro-union. 

No, really.  No mention whatsoever of the fact James Earl Ray was an avowed racist and King gave his life fighting for the civil rights of blacks.  It's all about the union bosses, and their insatiable appetite for tax dollars.

Not content they've yet offended enough people, they go on to claim government has a civil right to an unlimited ability to organize against its own citizens and imply anyone who thinks their taxes are too high opposes civil rights. (H/T The Blaze.)

Odd argument from a union movement that not only routinely uses violence, savage beatings and death threats as go-to political tools, but has seen multiple union bosses jailed for the assassinations of their political opponents.  What's next?  An MLK-stood-for-us video from the Klan?

No wonder the greedy and violent union bosses are now only slightly more popular than pinkeye.

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