Looking at Wisconsin

* Prosser, who only got 55 percent in the first round BEFORE Wisconsin blew up, narrowly leads -- despite the beyond-motivated liberal base and crush of liberal activists, volunteers and paid staff crashing in from out of state. Bad sign for union bosses.

* That means 45 percent of voters stated they didn't want Prosser re-elected, BEFORE the union bosses got involved. Incumbents rarely get a significant boost in a run-off election, often dropping several percentage points -- unless voters suddenly find the other candidate even less acceptable than the incumbent they have already stated they don't want re-elected. Bad sign for union bosses.

* Also, throw in the fact liberals had a FAR better ground organization than Prosser's weak effort, which is what is supposed to decide a judicial runoff election. Bad sign for unions they couldn't pull this off.

* They should have won it last night, and not several days later once provisional, absentee and late return precincts are counted. Granted, they weren't going to win this by 20 points, but they should have been able to call it last night. Bad sign for union bosses.

* Also, don't believe the pathetic liberal spin about the Dane County Executive race being a rejection of Scott Walker. Democrat Joe Parisi defeated Republican Eileen Bruskewitz for Walker's old job by a 70 percent to 30 percent margin.

Liberals, desperate to find something positive in last night's results, are screeching a Republican loss in Dane County was a rejection of Walker. Two major factual problems:

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