Florida Dem blows off fiscal emergency to address fashion emergency

Thanks to a little-known provision in the health care reform bill, health insurance companies must offer coverage to those who struggle with shopaholism.

While some members of Congress work to avert a government shutdown, and millions of Americans worry over which bills to not pay so they can keep food on the table, The Hill reports Florida Democrat Rep. Corrine Brown informed members of Congress they were invited to join her in taking the rest of the day off for an upscale boutique shopping trip in Crystal City.

Dubbed as an "Outing with Congresswoman Corrine Brown," members of Brown's entourage could treat themselves to "wardrobe consulting and custom tailoring" and were even offered personal shopper services so they wouldn't have to engage in the back-breaking ordeal of picking out dresses.

This would be the same Corrine Brown who claims small business owners who work seven long days a week without taking time off are getting off easy and need to be taxed more.

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  1. Remember back when members of Congress like Bill Archer and Daniel Moynihan would use time like that to pick up a stack of constituent mail and personally answer it?