Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part 13: SEIU thugs pounce on Wash. state troopers

Once again, liberalism makes itself synonymous with animalistic violence.

SEIU thugs, the same group who had several members arrested for savagely stomping down black conservative activist in St. Louis while hurling racist slurs at him, smash their way through the Washington state capitol on their way to invade the governor's office.

Stopped at the door by state troopers, the SEIU thugs begin screaming like animals, hoping to intimidate the troopers.  Finally, they begin trying to bulldoze over the troopers and eventually physically assault them.  Thirteen were arrested.

The intended message is clear.  Unions consider assault, invasion, violence and intimidation to be legitimate tools of political discourse.

It's also the latest in a new wave of instances where union bosses have people smash their way into state capitols where they intimidate and assault citizens and officers.  Said union bosses then tell officials they can make the problem go away if they get some money.

Remember back when that was called "racketeering?"  I guess they don't prosecute because purple and yellow clash with blaze orange.

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