Liberals exploit, abuse women. Again.

The ACLU just sent out a phony blast e-mail falsely claiming Congress will vote on a bill making it legal to refuse life-saving treatment to a pregnant woman.

The bill in question simply removes abortion from the services funded by taxpayers through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The fact is hospitals are still required by law to provide treatment to patients whose lives are in danger.  

But the ACLU finds the truth inconvenient.  It's easier just to lie to vulnerable women.

The ACLU lied in a cheap, pathetic attempt to use terror to exploit women for political gain.  A local abused women's shelter here did the same thing during the vote on Virginia's "marriage amendment." They bullied abused women into campaigning against it by falsely claiming it would legalize domestic abuse, no better than the abusers they were supposed to be protecting these victims from.

At least they're consistent.  Liberals love bullying and threatening women, no matter when the opportunity arises.

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