Abortion clinic workers' blog asks readers to submit 'abortion haikus'

"The Abortioneers" a blog describing itself as  "The ins and outs and ups and downs of direct service in the field of abortion care" asked its readers last week to submit "your factual, subversive, hilarious, sensitive, face-kicking, or just plain silly abortion haiku."

What's an abortion haiku?

Just what it sounds like.

The author offers this:

Abortion clinics
Are great because they're awesome
They do abortions

One contestant offers this:

Unwanted baby
women trust themselves to know
abortion’s so right

"Abortion's so right?"  That one's almost gleeful about pocketing the abortion fee.

The winner?  This charming ditty.

Aborted my child
I should have kept my legs closed
I'm a worthless slut

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