Reid: Millionaire job creators are "unicorns," "don't exist" because a guy on NPR says so

Talking Points Memo provides this video of a delusional Harry Reid saying there are exactly zero jobs created by millionaires, citing an anecdote by National Public Radio:

"The Republicans say the richest of the rich in our country, even those who make millions every year, shouldn’t contribute more to get our economy back on track. They call our plan, time after time, a tax on job creators, and I say so-called “job creators.”

"Because I say that, Mr. President, every shred of evidence contradicts this red herring. For example, there have been many outlets, but I’ll concentrate on one. National Public Radio went looking for one of these fictitious millionaire job creators. A reporter reached out to the business groups and a tax lobby in the Republican Congress hoping to interview one of these millionaires. Days ticked by with no luck.

"Many of our job creators are like unicorns, they're impossible to find and don't exist. That’s because only a tiny fraction of people making more than a million dollars, probably less than one percent, are actually small business owners and only a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction is a traditional job creator."

There you have it.  Socialism works, because conservative groups didn't want to waste their time talking to a NPR activist.

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