My statement to The Daily Show

As the Undisputed 2013 SNAP Challenge Champion, I beat the Challenge hands down.  SNAP cards are filled monthly. I spent $34.28 for nine days' stock of food. That's $3.81 a day. And I have food left over.

The exercise proves we can cut SNAP benefits by 15%.

As for the the flight, I found out Tuesday I'd be traveling Thursday.  Had I spent the $50 to check a bag and bring the last two days of the seven days of food liberals would be whining about that.  The fact I went an additional two days with my shopping proves you can stay below the $4.50 figure even when you go longer and run into unexpected travel.

I proved there is double digits worth of room to cut in welfare spending, and that's what has liberals whining.


  1. AnonymousJuly 02, 2013

    Hi Mr. Ferguson, can you post what you ate or a shopping list? I'd like to try this for myself!

  2. He did post the receipts. Evidentlythe Dollar Tree in Texas sells food for a dollar. He paid a dollar per item and bought 20 food items. These same items would've cost over 40 here in Ohio.