Liberals try to spin "One Nation" vs. Beck photos, crash and burn

After months of building up the "One Nation" rally as something that would be bigger than the Aug. 28 and Sept. 12 conservative rallies on the National Mall, liberals are fuming over these aerial photos of both the "8/28" and "One Nation" events showing the liberal rally was only a fraction the size of the conservative one.

They claim their event was as large as Beck's (after promising it would be bigger) and insist the photo showing what appears to be embarassingly poor turnout was taken in the morning, before the event kicked off.


If you look at the shadows in the 10/2 photo they point north, meaning the sun was in the south when the photo was taken. In D.C. that happens around 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

According their own schedule, they were already at least halfway into their program when the photo was apparently taken.


  1. You DO know that you're advertising for Tom Periello at the bottom of this page, don't you. Might want to turn that crap off. Methinks Tom spent some bucks driving his advertisements to the top of that cycle.
    As to the turnout....well....ONCE AGAIN, the wind is blowing the trees and all liberals can see is the lead tree.
    McDonnell in Va, Brown in Kennedy's seat... and Christie's THRASHING of Coakley- even after 5 visits to Massachusetts (no extra "E")by Nobama...all didn't teach them a thing. They probably won't get it after November, either.

  2. That picture was taken way after the a lot of the people had left. I got there at about noon and trust me that photo dose not show the full amount of how many people did show up, and those people did have brains.
    So in reality it was a better turn out considering the amount of people who spoke actually did there homework and came out with real facts.

  3. That photo was taken in the morning.

    And poll after poll shows voters who paid closer attention to the news, especially health care, voted Republican.