Wisconsin's plush government retirement funds

Koch Industries has replaced Karl Rove as the reflexive boogeyman at the center of whatever looney conspiracy theory liberals are muttering about at any given moment.

But as Wisconsin's government union bosses go to even greater lengths to slander the Kochs in their fight to preserve government's ability to organize against its citizens, who exactly pocketing big Koch money? Republican Governor Scott Walker, or the government unions?

Surprise! It's the government unions engaging in vulgar, racist and increasingly violent demonstrations.

$5.5 million of the state's government employee retirement funds are invested in the stock of just one Koch company, Georgia Pacific.

The $5.5 million they currently stand to pocket from the Kochs beats out the $43,000 Walker's campaign got from them by a 128-to-1 margin.

Yes, the same government employees who are going all tin-foil hat over the Kochs apparently think highly enough of them to sink have a huge chunk of their plush retirement funds invested in Koch stock.

If were the Kochs I'd grant the government unions' wishes to get Koch money out of the state by blocking payments into their retirement funds.

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