"A Congressman Who's Nuts"

When asked in a radio interview if he had gotten any nasty phone calls over health care, insane Florida Congressman Alan Grayson claims a woman called his home and said "If you vote for health care, I'll kill you"...to his five year old son. No, really. He said A) he got a death threat...from a woman, B) the threat was the kind you come up with if you need a story, and C) since every liberal fantasy involves harm to children, his five-year-old son got the call.

He didn't save the message or call the police and somehow the media-loving, attention-starved Grayson never mentioned it until asked if he had a story about threats.

He then claims Republicans who say they were threatened are lying and only got the idea from Adolf Hitler. He's currently wanted on charges of violating Godwin's Law.

This is the same Democrat who claimed Republicans had a secret plan to kill off the poor, that he had poll numbers showing he would beat every Republican candidate in the *Republican primary* and demanded Attorney General Eric Holder arrest a Florida woman and imprison her for five years for creating an anti-Grayson website.


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