Who are the "angry mob" Democrats fear? Women.

A Quinnipiac University national poll measuring the effect of a hypothetical Tea Party candidate in congressional races uncovered a rather interesting statistic.

You know that "angry," "radical," "right wing" Tea Party "mob" of fabled Democrat lore?

Fifty-five percent of them are women.

I had never seen a gender breakdown of the Tea Party movement before, so I was skeptical. But all other statistics are in line with previous surveys. Eighty-eight percent are white, 74 percent Republican and 72 percent have a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin, all of which match previous polls by other institutions and firms.

Other interesting Quinnipiac findings:

* After a year of leading the "generic ballot" by anywhere from seven to ten points, after passage of ObamaCare Democrats now trail by five.
* Forty-two percent of voters view the Republican Party unfavorable, but forty-eight percent view the Democratic Party unfavorably.
* Among independents, 42 percent view Republicans unfavorably, but 55 percent view the Democratic Party unfavorably.
* By a 43 to 39 percent margin, women plan to vote for the Republican candidate for Congress in their district.
* Fifty-nine percent of independents and fifty-one percent of women say government is now doing "too much."
* While only 10 percent of Democrats "hardly ever" "trust the government in Washington to do what is right," 40 percent of both independents and Republicans say so.
* Only 57 percent of Democrats follow current events "most of the time," compared to 70 percent of Republicans and 64 percent of independents.


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