Teacher union bosses fail at subtraction

Government teacher union bosses have spent $6 million on ads since March attacking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for wanting to cut runaway spending by schools instead of feeding their habit with yet more tax hikes, confident New Jerseyans back their agenda of bigger and endless spending.

Apparently pensions costs, budget numbers, tax rates and dropouts aren't the only government teacher union bosses can't keep a lid on. Christie's approval rating has jumped 17 points since April.

A new Quinnipeac poll finds 51 percent of voters approve of Christie's job performance, while only 36 percent disapprove. That's a significant leap from June, when 44 percent approved and 43 percent disapproved. Rasmussen Reports also has Christie's approval rating at 51 percent.

Back in April, around the time the union boss/taxpayer-supported attacks ads began airing, Christie's approval was at around 33 percent.


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