Dems unveil a tax "cut" that raises some taxes, cuts no one's

How desperate are Democrats? They're now claiming a sudden 180-degree decision to not raise a specific tax on the middle class is the "Obama tax cut for the middle class."

Except no one is getting a tax cut. It's just that a select group of people won't be hit with a specific tax hike.

Follow that? Democrats announced a plan to raise taxes across the board. Americans revolted. Democrats backed off and decided to raise taxes only for some people, which a majority of Americans still oppose. With their poll numbers plunging, they're now claiming their decision to only raise some taxes is a tax "cut."

The kind that leaves some people with higher taxes, others with the same taxes and no one with lower taxes.

That's like starting to steal $10 from the Salvation Army kettle, getting caught and then claiming that putting it back counts as a $10 contribution to the Salvation Army.

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