Obama: Those who disagree with me harbor a racist 'tribal attitude'

CBS News' Brian Montopoli reports:

Asked about what the questioner saw as an increase in racial tension Thursday, President Obama said a "tribal attitude" can come as a result of economic hardship...

...He then suggested that the recession has played a part in driving racial antagonism while he has been in office.

"Often times misunderstandings and antagonisms surface most strongly when times are tough. And that's not surprising," Mr. Obama said, arguing that Americans are less worried when things are going well.

He added that anxiety over not being able to pay bills - or having lost a job or a home - sometimes "organizes itself around kind of a tribal attitude, and issues of race become more prominent."
In other words, if you're angry at Obama because you lost your job, you're really angry because you're a primitive-thinking racist.

You know, often times the liberal views of everyone else as racist, sexist, ignorant inferiors surfaces most strongly when times are tough.

And that's not surprising.

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