San Fran will use government force to coerce employers into "hiring locally"

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — This city is about to enact one of the nation’s toughest ordinances requiring its officials to hire locally, over the objections of neighboring counties that say it will hurt their residents.

Under the ordinance, city contractors and subcontractors working on city-financed construction projects worth $400,000 or more would be required to hire at least 20 percent of their workers from San Francisco. The requirement will increase by 5 percent each year until it reaches 50 percent in 2017.

Contractors will be forced to pay penalties if they do not meet the requirement...

Of course, this is the same city council who boycotted Arizona for implementing the same policy, only on a wider geographic scale.

Here's a better idea. The government butts out of the business of business.

Employers should be free to hire whomever they want from whereever they want, and at whatever wage they mutually agree to. The purpose of government is not to use its legal monopoly on violence to bully and coerce people into living by the personal standards of powerholders.

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