The Unnatural Nature of Conservationists

From this morning's Virginia Beach Virginian-Pilot:

A juvenile harbor seal was stranded Dec. 28, 2010, south of Little Island Fishing Pier in Sandbridge...The small seal was found with shark bites on the left side of its body. The next day, Puddy was taken to the aquarium's Marine Animal Care Center, where staff administered fluids, antibiotics, topical treatment for his wounds and nutritional support.

He was released back into the water yesterday amid much cheering, media coverage for the humans and photo opportunities.

I don't get supposed animal/nature advocates. Without treatment, the wounded seal likely would have been eaten by sharks. By interjecting themselves into nature, throwing the seal into an artificial human environment and treating it, they deprived sharks of needed food.

Between harbor seals and sharks, guess which one is in more need of saving. Many sharks species are near extinction because folks like these "rescuers" make them out to be threats.

One example is the dusky shark, which lives in the waters off Virginia Beach. Because of their slow reproduction rate they are nearing endangered status. Taking away potential food sources does more the limit biodiversity than help it.

These people don't care about nature. They just care about the few species that are cute enough to make them feel good about themselves, at the expense of nature itself.

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