Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part 10: Death threats force school to cancel breakfast

Rampaging liberal thugs claim their threats and intimidation are on behalf of schools, but even schools -- and the children inside them -- aren't from the wave of liberal threats and violence.

"Organizers pulled the plug on a breakfast meeting this morning in Westfield between educators and state politicians because of recent death threats to legislators," the Portage (Wisc.) Daily Register reports.

The death threats cited included threats to kill the families of Republican legislators and plant bombs in locations they may visit. School officials were forced to cancel the breakfast after being informed liberal protesters planned on crashing the breakfast, and the school it was being held at.

"After hearing about the threats, Legislative Breakfast organizer Don Stevens, agency administrator for Cooperative Educational Service Agency 5, called off the monthly meeting to avoid placing children, or the legislators, at risk," the Register reported.

"The truth of the matter is you have to be living under a rock to not see the environment is escalated," Stevens tells the Register.

"We have good people in the state of Wisconsin. This is a great place to live - and this is not the way we act."

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