College criticized after ending national anthem

This is what many conservatives have their panties in a wad about this week.
Goshen College's decision to not play the national anthem before sporting events has drawn plenty of criticism despite being in line with the school's Mennonite beliefs.

Goshen public relations director Richard Aguirre says the school has received hundreds of calls and emails about its decision to stop playing the national anthem. Aguirre told The Elkhart Truth that the school is trying to explain its decision to critics who think the decision is unpatriotic.
Yes, they don't play the national anthem.


Mennonites are pacifists who don't salute flags or pledge allegiance to worldly governments.  Seems weird to most, but we have a First Amendment to protect the rights of individuals to express, or not express, religious and political beliefs.

That hasn't stopped some conservatives from demanding the school be forced by the government to play a song that didn't exist at the Founding and wasn't even the national anthem until 1931. 

In essence, they want to celebrate freedom by forcing others to follow their beliefs.

Our dumb "I must be outraged by everything" culture is getting ridiculous, especially when it's reached the point to which patriotic symbols are more important than the actual freedom.

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