Feds decline to mess with Texas, refuse to declare sagebrush lizard ‘endangered’

Science won another round against environmentalism when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced it would not place the dunes sagebrush lizard on the so-called “Endangered Species List.”

Environmentalists led an assault to place the lizard on the ESL as part of a plan to stop oil drilling in West Texas and eastern New Mexico.  Efforts to follow scientific research and block the bogus listing were led by Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who termed the effort to block oil drilling as “reptile dysfunction.”

“This is a victory for science, energy jobs and Texas,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson, a native Texan. “Texans refuse to have their jobs and childrens’ futures stolen by these out-of-touch lizardlickers.  God bless Texas and keep on drilling.”

Scientific studies by Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University backed up science, showing the lizard was not endangered.

Undeterred, environmentalists plan to branch out and attack energy exploration by attempting to add as many as 20 other unendangered Texas animals to the Endangered Species List, including the lesser prairie chicken and several species of snails and salamanders.

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