Bullock took cash from corporations under investigation for fraud, bribery

Attorney General Steve Bullock is under investigation for taking a contribution to his campaign for governor from a New York corporation under investigation in 34 states for fraud.

Publishers Clearing House came under investigation in 2009 when it violated a 2001 settlement on charges of defrauding consumers.  When attorneys general in 34 states began investigating and seeking charges, PCH cut an illegal corporate check to Bullock, the documents states.

Bullock did not investigate his donor.  PCH eventually admitted they committed fraud and paid out $34 million.

Likewise, GSK also faced investigations in multiple states and cut checks to officials, including Arkansas.

“In 2006, Arkansas Medicaid restricted its coverage in off-label use of Advair by requiring that patients try another medication first.” the Arkansas Times reports.’

“‘Arkansas Medicaid determined that this restriction increased appropriate use of Advair and decreased Advair utilization by 25% without adverse impact on patient care,’ the US complaint reads. GSK then allegedly gave an untold sum of campaign donation dollars to an Arkansas lawmaker who introduced legislation to get rid of the restriction.”

"God save political donations," wrote one GSK employee to senior VP Stan Hull in an internal email.
GSK also sent checks to Bullock, which were illegal according to documents filed with the Commissioner of Political Practices.  At the time Bullock was negotiating with drug companies on charges of price-fixing.

Bullock also corporate PAC cash from GlaxoSmithKline on Dec. 15, 2009, Aug. 1, 2011 and June 4, 2012 at twice the legal limit, according to Commission documents.

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