Harry Reid makes up fake Boston Globe quote, insists it's a 'typo' that's 'true'

In a story on immigration policy, the Boston Globe reported Tuesday Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney "said he would honor deportation exemptions" issued by Obama. 

So why did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid send out a press release at taxpayer expense claiming the Globe instead reported Romney "said he would not honor deportation exemptions?"

That's not just a lie and a deliberate doctoring a newspaper's reporting, it's the complete opposite of what the paper actually reported. 

Caught doctoring a newspaper's reporting and using taxpayer funds to send out fraudulent releases, Reid's office amazingly called the completely fabricated statement a "typo."

Yes, completely faking a newspaper quote to lie about their reporting is a "typo."

But the psychosis doesn't stop there.

They then them claimed the completely made-up statement was still "true," despite having already admitted it was wrong.

Reid's office eventually went back and removed the quotations marks and changed the sentence, but it still claims "Romney staff told the Boston Globe he would not honor deportation exemptions."

That is still a completely made-up and fictional statement that is the complete opposite of what the Globe reported, but it gets him out of legal trouble with the Globe.

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