American Tradition Partnership Vows to Continue Fighting Corruption

Grassroots group recruiting new Executive Director, committed to “legal vindication” 
Helena, MTAmerican Tradition Partnership’s legal battle with the State of Montana over the state government’s illegal and unconstitutional actions isn’t over yet – and ATP’s thousands of members stand firmly behind the group’s mission.

“It is important to note,” declared Doug Lair, ATP’s State Coordinator for Montana, “ATP has a strong record of defending free speech rights for all Americans, and we intend to continue doing so. It’s our moral duty to see that the Montana officials who have violated the 1st Amendment and other Constitutional rights of our members pay the price for their actions and restore ATP's good standing.” 

For months, ATP has been the target of baseless speculation around illegally obtained - and likely tampered - internal documents stolen from a fundraising consultant. A recent court order highlighted the coordination between the Commissioner of Political Practices and media outlets to use those documents to “embarrass certain candidates on the eve of the 2012 election.” (Order, Sixth Jud. Dist. Ct., 12/17/2012)

“Behind every attack on free speech is an official who doesn’t want to be held accountable,” added Lair. “And behind every massive ‘green’ subsidy, is a morally bankrupt politician looking to trade taxpayer funds for votes. It’s no wonder that the progressive political establishment and the complicit corporate media have aligned to try and silence ATP.”

“ATP provided 150,000 public comments to the State Department in favor of Keystone XL – every one signed by real members across the U.S. who put their names and addresses on the dotted line to oppose the anti-jobs agenda of the Sierra Club and its well-funded allies,” added Lair. 

“ATP has an obligation to every member to seek vindication in court and get back to our main mission of stopping Gang Green’s war on American jobs.”

With Ferguson having moved on to work in a Congressional office, ATP has initiated a search for a new Executive Director and will revamp its fundraising efforts with a focus on grassroots Americans who oppose foolish redistributive energy and environmental policies that benefit the few at the expense of many.


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