ABC News shuts down its email after Stop Hillary PAC supporters demand they ask Hillary about Benghazi

WASHINGTON - Ahead of the network’s hosting of a Democratic presidential debate, ABC News has shut down the email accounts of its debate moderators after supporters of Stop Hillary PAC demanded they ask Hillary Clinton about her handling of a terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi.

Newly released emails show that not only did Clinton refuse to deploy a rescue mission organized by General Martin Dempsey, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but American forces may have had an additional two hours to launch a rescue.

“Emails show Hillary Clinton ordered the military to stand down in Benghazi, even though General Dempsey had mobilized forces,” said Dan Backer, SHP’s general counsel. “Holding Hillary accountable means holding the media accountable for being her campaign spokespeople.”

“ABC News would rather be Hillary Clinton’s campaign advisers than a news network,” said Backer. “Rather than ask a candidate a question about her record, they are shutting down email accounts and refusing to do their job.”



  1. I would ask her what she knows about the "Bilderberg group ". Google it !

  2. Great they have found a way to bring some pressure on this one news channel! I'd love to see the major news organization be measured for fair and wide issue coverage with a loss of access (into Press Mtgs as example) if they are not covering news on a balanced basis. They use determining what is covered more form a political bent than what is news!