CPAC Straw Poll results blow holes in mainstream media claims

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference ended Saturday with the usual release of its Straw Poll results.

The Straw Poll is a self-selecting survey of CPAC attendees.  Comparing those numbers to scientific national polling blows several holes in the mainstream media's coverage of the event.

One some measures, CPAC attendees' opinions are virtually identical to those of Republicans in general.

Overall Trump job approval
85% - Morning Consult, Feb. 2-4 (Republicans, no lean)
86% - CPAC 2017

"Strongly approve" of Trump
53% - Morning Consult, Feb. 2-4 (Republicans, no lean)
55% - CPAC 2017

But in spite of the mainstream media coverage portraying CPAC as a Trump pep rally, those attending the conference are more likely than the average Republican to believe America is heading in the wrong direction.

"Right Direction/Wrong Direction"
68%/32% - Morning Consult, Feb. 2-4 (Republicans, no lean)
44%/47% - CPAC 2017

That's surprising.

And despite the first month of the Trump presidency being marked by clashes over immigration from terrorist-affiliated countries, CPAC attendees are less concerned than the average Republican about national security, and more concerned about fiscal issues.

Economy as his or her "Top Issue"
32% - Morning Consult, Feb. 2-4 (Republicans, no lean)
46% - CPAC 2017

National security as his or her "Top Issue"
32% - Morning Consult, Feb. 2-4 (Republicans, no lean)
29% - CPAC 2017

That differs from mainstream media coverage portraying attendees as xenophobic and places CPAC attendees squarely in the political mainstream, where most voters list the economy as their top concern.

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