Trump Meals on Wheels cut is same amount liberals spent on Bernie Sanders doll

Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget “kills” Meals on Wheels, according to the mainstream media.
Other media outlets report he is “slashing” Meals On Wheels, or even “gutting” it.
It is, once again, Fake News.
Less than three percent of Meals On Wheels’ budget comes from the Community Development Block Grant program Trump is cutting, according to Meals On Wheels’ latest financial report.
Or to put it in numbers.
$248,437 – What Meals on Wheels gets in government grants, according to their own financial report
$248,063 – What liberals donated through Kickstarter to create a Bernie Sanders action figure
The same liberals who can’t imagine where Meals on Wheels can get $248,000 spent $248,000 buying themselves a toy.

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