VIDEO: VA Hospital Removes Trump Photo Hung by Veterans

A Veterans Affairs hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida, is facing questions today for removing photos of President Donald Trump and VA Secretary David Shulkin.
Fox News’ Ed Henry reported Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that U.S. Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., and a wounded veteran hung the pictures after noticing the VA hospital didn’t have any on display, as is customary. Even though a staff member at the VA hospital assisted the veterans, the photos of Trump and Shulkin were later removed.
“Local officials there told [Mast], ‘He’s not our president. We’re not hanging the photo.’ So he brought a portrait and put it up on the wall,” Henry told viewers. “But then after the congressman left, they pulled the photos back down.”
A VA spokeswoman told CBS 12 News that Mast’s actions were “inappropriate.” She added that the portraits were not “authenticated” and they need to come from “the central office.”

Report by, and originally published at, The Daily Signal.

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