Obama's slanderous attack on the Court an opening shot in war on dissenting speech

Why did Alito mouth "not true" when Obama said the Supreme Court made it legal for foreign corporations to spend money in elections?

Because Obama blatantly lied.

It is illegal for foreign corporations to spend money to influence elections. That federal law that was not changed, overturned or touched by the court's ruling.

The Citizens United ruling concerned a law regulating speech by corporations already allowed to engage in speech. The question was, is there a limit? The Court ruled, when it comes to corporations allowed to make political speech in elections, there is no limit on the amount of speech.

It did not create new classes of corporations that could speak and did not remove the prohibition on foreign bodies influencing elections.

It was an orchestrated moment of theater and an intentional lie. Obama hopes to frighten people, and bully other federal judges, into backing limits on speech by people who plan to speak out against his policies.

After all the boogeyman fictional bedtime stories of foreign leaders being allowed to influence American policy, Obama's rhetorically phony attack intended to legalize the quashing of dissent is ironically the kind of factless bombast only a Hugo Chavez could appreciate.


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