If the women's hockey gold medal match comes down to Canada and the United States, I may have to support Canada.

The United States refuses to press the in the third period because they feel it's wrong to score too many more goals than the other team. The Canadian team, however, has no problem with the concept of individual exceptionalism and refuses to hide their talents to avoid offending the lesser-talented.

Up 13-0 on Russia on 32 shots after two periods, the United States women only took two shots in the third and refused to score any more goals. Up 13-0 on Slovakia on 46 shots after two periods, the Canadian women took another 21 shots in the third to score five more goals and put the final score at 18-0.

To the United States' program an 13-0 uneven distribution of goals is something to be ashamed of and suppressed because it isn't "fair." The Canadian womens' program sees a 13-0 lead as a testament to the hard work they have put in to being singularly exceptional and something to be celebrated by doing even better.

Is there anything more American than that?


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