How out of touch are Democrats?

Liberals are calling the Republican opposition to a $26.1 billion bailout of government unions "the kind of vote to build an election around."

One problem. The American people overwhelmingly disagree.

Leftist blogger Steve Benen, writing for Washington Monthly this morning, clucks:

"The public is probably pretty accustomed to Republican lawmakers balking at every piece of legislation, and this jobs bill fit into the larger pattern -- 98.8% of House Republicans opposed the measure, as did 95% of Senate Republicans....the campaign ads seem to write themselves in a situation like this. Indeed, this is a debate to build an election around -- with a struggling economy, Democrats proposed a fiscally-responsible plan to save hundreds of thousands of jobs..."

What Benen refers to as a "jobs bill" is, in fact, what "the public is probably pretty accustomed to" -- Democrats shoveling billions of dollars into the pockets of political organizations that cut checks to Democrats, specifically government unions, with an important midterm election just 83 days away.

But that aside, is Benen correct is his assumption Americans back Democrats on this union bailout?

Absolutely not. Name one bailout bill Americans support.

But Benen is correct in one sense. This is "the kind of vote to build an election around." By calling House members back from their districts to funnel billions of taxpayer money to their campaign supporters, Democrats have perfectly crystallized the case against them -- explosive Big Government spending that only gets results for Democrat campaign treasurers.

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