The stimulus scam comes to Alexandria

In an odd example of hybrids creating colossal waste, the city of Alexandria will spend $2.4 million on new "hybrid" buses made to look like train trolleys, paid for by money largely borrowed from China through Barack Obama's "stimulus" program.

And the current trollies clearly need to be replaced, seeing as they were bought only two years ago.

So in other words, Barack Obama spent $2.4 million to create a palmful of one-shot temporary jobs replacing practically new buses -- and stuck your children with the interest bill. That's eerily reminescent of socialist-run France, where new highways were constantly torn out and replaced, often using shovels and outdated manual labor, to create "jobs."

Update: The hideously expensive King Street trolley program was sold as "part of the City’s continuing efforts to manage congestion and reduce mobile emissions by encouraging residents, commuters, workers, and visitors to choose travel options outside of driving alone."

But it only runs the length of King Street, which is largely a pedestrian route and a popular walking route. With no attractions or businesses along King Street with parking lots, there are virtually no automobile trips that begin and end on King Street.

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