Must Read: Nate Silver's "Understanding and Misunderstanding the ‘Enthusiasm Gap’"

Read @fivethirtyeight's article in The New York Times here for optimum edification. But here's the take-home lesson.

In the 1994 midterm election, 32 percent of Democrats told Gallup they were "enthusiastic" about voting. This year it's much higher at 42 percent, a significant improvement that matches the 42 percent of Republicans who were "enthusiastic" in their historic 1994 win.

That would be great news for Dems indicating they will stave off heavy midterm losses, except for this figure. This year, Republican "enthusiasm" to vote has exploded to a record-breaking 59%, eclsipsing Dem enthusiasm by a 17-point margin, another record in Gallup polling.

And if you're not following @fivethirtyeight, you're a goon who hates kittens.

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