White House promotes backpedaling as efficient form of transportation

"There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects." - Barack Obama, Time magazine, quoted Oct. 13, 2010

Really? A search for the term "shovel ready project" on the White House website turns up two pages of results, including:

"In making these grants available today, the Department is acknowledging the importance of healthy homes and protecting our children from dangerous lead hazards," said Secretary Donovan. "And not only will this program contribute to healthy, safe homes for all children and families, which is a top priority for HUD, but it will also support shovel-ready projects..." Joe Biden, May 15, 2009

"The ambitious effort follows an initial 100 day period of the Recovery Act focused on providing immediate relief to hard-hit families and communities, jump-starting shovel-ready projects..." - White House press release, June 8, 2009

"A state DOT planned to spend $57 million on road planning studies, rather than shovel-ready projects. After discussions with DOT, the state is now using the funding for road construction projects." White House press release, Oct. 8, 2009

"Well, a lot of the stimulus doesn’t hit until tax season -- that's when people get their refunds. And a lot of the so-called shovel-ready projects will actually -- probably see them taper off in the spring." - White House press conference, Dec. 15, 2009

"These broadband awards are what the Recovery Act is all about – not just rescuing the economy by providing immediate job opportunities through shovel-ready projects..." White House press relase, Dec. 16, 2009

There's also:

"Announcing his energy team, Obama beams about 'shovel-ready projects all across the country.' Unveiling his choice for education secretary, Obama plugs his plans 'to start helping states and local governments with shovel-ready projects.'" - The Washington Post, Jan. 8, 2009 "The Obama Buzzword That Hit Pay Dirt"

"The plan includes spending on what Obama called 'shovel-ready' projects to rebuild roads, make buildings energy efficient, modernize schools and upgrade hospital technology." - USA Today, Dec. 8, 2009, "Obama eyes 'shovel-ready' fixes in a long recovery"

And that's just off the first few archived news stories.


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