How Dems use taxpayer cash and government force to fill their campaign accounts

Unions profiting from favoritism by Obama's GSA

And unions aren't the only ones profiting.

Here's how the Obama union swindle works.

1) Government policies either force employers against their will to use union labor, or, in the case of the bailouts and stimulus, funnel taxpayer money directly into union paychecks. Many of these union workers have been forced

2) Union bosses skim millions of the forced dollars off the top of these largely forced paychecks in so-called "dues."

3) Union bosses then take this taxpayer or wrongfully seized cash, launder it through various bank accounts and then funnel much of it into Democrat campaigns and candidate advocacy

Presto. That's how Democrats use government force to either compel employers and employees to fund candidates they oppose, or just outright launder taxpayer money for their political use.

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