WTP flips off Upton’s promise of light bulb hearing

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Contact: Donald Ferguson, 703-200-3669 or Donald.F@westerntradition.org

Group has issued report on Upton’s 80+ radical enviro votes, opposes chair bid

WASHINGTON — Western Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson issued the following statement Tuesday. The organization, the nation’s largest grassroots lobby dedicated to energy and property issued, urged its members yesterday morning to contact their Republican congressman or incoming Speaker John Boehner, to register their vehement opposition to Rep. Fred Upton’s bid to chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

WTP’s report on Fred Upton’s 23-year long Big Green voting record, compiling more than 80 major environmental votes, can be found at http://www.westerntradition.org/?p=1201 or at http://www.westerntradition.org.

“Fred Upton has not seen the light. This light bulb banner is just trying to screw conservatives.

“WTP’s fast-growing membership is not impressed with Fred Upton’s announcement to hold a hearing on his bill to outlaw incandescent light bulbs, just one of his many major votes over the last 23 years to take away your property and freedom.

“Big Green puppet Fred Upton can take his empty, do-nothing promise of a hearing and cram it somewhere it can’t be recycled.

“A hearing is a do-nothing promise to utter empty words in front of a TV camera and an empty room.

“A hearing is what a politician gives you when he doesn’t want to take actual action.

“In other words, a hearing is what a Big Green-controlled politician does when he wants to trick you into thinking he’s somehow changed after 23 years of carrying the agenda radical environmentalists.

“Much like the climate, Fred Upton’s radical environmentalist views did not undergo man-made change.

“Fred Upton’s statement he will hold a hearing on his light bulb ban is a trick play to mollify an outraged Tea Party. It’s not only unacceptable, it’s a sign his support is crumbling and he still has no intentions of changing his radical green agenda.

“WTP’s fast-growing membership will accept only one promise from Fred Upton, who has spent the last 23 years outlawing light bulbs, outlawing timber, mining and energy development, stealing private property, fighting for global warming taxes, exploding the size of the EPA’s bureaucratic army and funneling taxpayer money into the pockets of Big Green activists.

“WTP asks Fred Upton to issue a promise to drop his bid to chair the Energy and Commerce Committee, where he will use his gavel to continue to hammer employers and pound out a radical green agenda, and to resign from the committee entirely.”

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