Today's Guest Blogger: Jesse Ventura

Those of you who subscribe to the government mind control media, you probably read this morning in The Houston Chronicle that smoke from routine marshgrass burning is causing haze to form over the city.

Yeah, right.

This isn't just government disinformation, it's a literal smokescreen.

I know. I was on the inside.

You want the real story? You can't handle it.

I can. I was a SEAL.

You see, I have a source on the inside who tells me the government has developed a marsh grass/hypnosis chemical hybrid.

The mind control chemicals are activated by burning, and the smoke is used to control the minds of the population.

Once you inhale the some, they can then control your thoughts using subliminal messages over your radio.

It's the same burning plant chemical they used to convince Ricky Williams to return to football. (The CIA is using his Miami Dolphins paycheck to funnel money to Castro, who is really a CIA agent. And a hologram.)

Still don't believe me? Something sorta like that happened once somewhere, which is irrefutable proof it is always happening in every situation.

I should know. I was a governor.

An informant was supposed to give me one of the mind control marshgrass plants.

But they're burning the evidence right before our eyes, Mean Gene.

Yeah, go ahead and doubt me, Houston. Bud Adams' oil company is really a front group that genetically developed the mind control marshgrass. That's why he evacuated the Oilers 14 years ago so they couldn't have their thoughts stolen, or "moved the team" if you believe the official government story.

What's the next step after the smoke from the mind control marsh grass hypnotizes the entire city of Houston?

Simple. Force every Houstonian to begin rounding up people and forcing them into the biggest FEMA death camp of all -- the Astrodome.

Why do you think they built it? For a baseball team named after the space program?

A baseball team that operates under a anti-trust exemption ordered by the Supreme Court and space program developed by the government.

I went to the Astrodome looking for answers. They wouldn't let me in because it was "closed."

I'm a governor. They have to let me in.

Why Houston? It's obvious.

What's Houston known for?


What does energy do?

It runs light bulbs.

What do light bulbs do?



Marshgrass. Bud Adams. The Astrodome. Federal Baseball Club v. National League (1922).

They've all plotting to steal your mind for 90 years, and your free thoughts are going up in smoke.

Think about that one, McMahon.

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