Crazy acts spur crazy claims

Mentally unstable cartoonist Ted Rall claims Tucson shootings the "premature ejaculation" of a right-wing revolution, citing the Feb. 2010 plane crash into an Austin, Texas IRS building and the Sept. 2010 attack on the Discovery Channel's headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. by a gunman claiming to have a bomb.

Two problems Ted.

Joseph Stack, the Austin plane attack pilot, was rabidly anti-Bush, a supporter of many Democrat causes and complained communism wasn't more popular.

More importantly, he was a mentally ill wacko who didn't follow a set political agenda.

As for the Discovery Channel attack, James J. Lee tried to blow up the network because they weren't aggressive enough in blaming humans for global warming. His manifesto extensively cited Al Gore and the population control beliefs of environmentalist (and Democrat-supporting) groups like the League of Conservation Voters.

More importantly, he was just a wacko who wasn't ordered to do it by any political figure.

Blame game, and penis obsession, fail.

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