Limbaugh picks up on how government unions work

Limbaugh gets around to making the point I made last week -- government employee unions exists solely because they are an easy way to route millions of taxpayer dollars into the bank accounts of Democrat campaigns.

That's why Democrats are stopping at nothing, including faked polls, outright lies, occupying state capitols and punching out young women, to preserve their power to organize against taxpayers.

Here's how government unions work, and why Democrats have declared war on citizens to preserve them.

1) Tax money goes into a government paycheck.
2) A portion of those tax dollars are skimmed off the top by a union boss as "dues" -- totaling millions.
3) The union boss redirects much of those tax dollars into the bank accounts of Democrat politicians as "contributions."

This it ends there? Wrong. Government employee unions are a self-replicating tax hike machine in which insatiable consumers of tax dollars organize against taxpayers for the sole purpose of making them pay higher taxes.

1) Government employee union bosses spend redistributed your tax dollars electing politicians who vote to hire more government employees.
2) More government employees means more taxpayer dollars pumped into the bank accounts of government employee union bosses.
3) Goverment union bosses spend their now-larger ban accounts to elect even more liberal politicians, who vote to create even more government employees.
4) Repeat ad nauseum until you run out of other people's money and drive the state into virtual bankruptcy.

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